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Green Water TreatmentWe bring you a mix of information and advice as well as news of what pond building equipment you can buy online and where to find it. Where possible we show you price comparisons so that you can make the most of your pond budget. If you want to go straight to the shop section of the site, just click on "shop" in the menu above. Otherwise, feel free to explore the site and read some of the articles, reviews and information we have put together.

Hozelock Filter PumpA Garden Pond in a Weekend?

Yes, it can be done. Especially with the all inclusive kits now available from Bradshaws Direct. They will supply everything you need including pump, filter, liner and even the plants for a little extra.

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Go straight to Bradshaws and buy one here.


Hozelock Filter Pump Pond Pumps and Pond Filters

If your pond is not very large you don't want huge pumps, filter boxes and more taking over your garden.

Well, now those clever people at Hozelock have introduced a rather neat all in one pump and filter, with built in fountain. This Hozelock Easyclear is the complete solution for clear water in your garden pond.

For hassle free installation, the Easyclear is the answer - simply place in your pond, connect one wire, sit back and watch it work. It is available in 3 sizes for small, medium or large ponds.

All models include:

Click here for more details and prices.

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There are a lot of different types of fish food available, each has differing properties and is suitable for different ponds and fish.

See our pond fish food page for more details.



Koi food

Koi carp are very special fish indeed. They are extremely beautiful and come in vast array of colours and patterns. They can grow to sizes in excess of 38 inches. Koi carp a very hardy fish, they can live in small and large ponds alike. It is important to feed your fish quality koi food in order to keep them healhty and disease free. GJW Titmuss offer a wide range of koi food at low prices. It is extremely important to offer your koi the right food at the correct time of year. Have a look at our koi food page and read about the many varieties of food available and the reasons for feeding them.