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Make Your Fish HealthyBradshaws Make Your Fish Healthy Pond Additive

Make Your Fish Healthy pond treatment is part of our own range specially formulated by a leading manufacturer for Bradshaws. It cures and protects fish from harmful bacterial and parasite infections.

Bradshaws Make Your Fish Healthy Pond Additive - from £6.49


Natural Pond TonicBlagdon Natural Pond Tonic

Blagdon's Natural Pond Tonic controls disease organisms that can wipe out fish and other wildlife. Ensuring that your natural pond stays healthy.

Blagdon Natural Pond Tonic - from £7.49




TetraPond MedifinTetraPond Medifin

Medifin eliminates most external bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases. It also helps prevent the diseases returning.


TetraPond Medifin - from £7.99



Anti Fungus and BacteriaInterpet Anti Fungus and Bacteria

Interpet Anti Fungus & Bacteria is a fish pond treatment developed to treat fish which are suffering from the following diseases: finrot, mouth fungus, mouth rot (flexibacter columnaris) and cotton wool fungus (saprolegnia sp.). Supplied in an easy dose bottle, Anti Fungus & Bacteria is simple to use and a really effective treatment when your pond fish are ill.

Interpet Anti Fungus and Bacteria - from £7.99


Anti Parasite Pond TreatmentInterpet Anti Parasite Pond Treatment

If your fish are suffering from an illness such as white spot, slime disease (chilodonella or costia for example) or flukes, Interpet's Anti Parasite treatment is the answer. Suitable for treating all types of pond fish - including gold fish - it has been developed as an easy to administer treatment and is supplied in an easy dose bottle for accurate measuring.


Interpet Anti Parasite Pond Treatment - from £7.99

Anti Ulcer Pond TreatmentInterpet Anti Ulcer Pond Treatment

Interpet's Anti Ulcer is a treatment for your fish if they are ill due to the following diseases: ulcers, pop eye (swollen eyes), dropsy (swollen body), hollow belly or bacterial gill disease (fish gasping). This fish treatment is supplied in an easy dose bottle and has been developed as a two dose treatment for all types of pond fish, including gold fish.

Interpet Anti Ulcer Pond Treatment - from £10.99


Koi Anti Fungus and BacteriaInterpet Koi Anti Fungus and Bacteria

Acts against fungi and bacteria causing body fungus, finrot, mouthrot and some cases of body sores.


Interpet Koi Anti Fungus and Bacteria - from £8.49





Koi Anti ParasiteInterpet Koi Anti Parasite

Acts against white spot, flukes and slime disease organisms. 5 day course.

Interpet Koi Anti Parasite Treatment - from £8.49