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An aquarium isn't just a tank for holding fish. It is a living environment for your fish and also a thing of beauty for your home. If it is well set up and maintained, then your fish will stay healthy and it will remain looking attractive.

So you need to start off with a great looking aquarium if it is to remain a healthy and attractive environment for your fish. It must also fit in with your own decor. If you have a home full of antiques, then the latest bright red biOrb tank probably isn't for you.


aquariumNot too many years ago, aquariums were five pieces of glass fixed into an angle iron frame with putty. This was probably balanced on a black or white metal fish tank stand, with various wires and tubes hanging from the back of it. Then came silicone sealants and the advent of the all glass tank. These coupled with the modern day wooden cabinets and state of the art all-in-one setups like the Biorb range have brought fish keeping into the twenty first century.

Choosing an Aquarium

So how do you choose the right aquarium for your home? There are several criteria to consider: -

Let's consider these one at a time.

Aquarium Size



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