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Filter Start

llllBlagdon Natural Pond Start

Blagdon's Natural Pond Start maintains essential bacteria needed when starting up a new natural pond. Pond start will quickly establish biological cycles that a natural pond requires to remain healthy processing the waste produced from wildlife. Without these cycles, wildlife will find it hard to thrive and it will delay the establishment of your natural pond.

Blagdon Natural Pond Start - £7.49 from Bradshaws Direct


Oase BiokickOase Biokick CWS Filter Start - 200ml

With the new Biokick, Oase has developed a filter starter that gets the bacteria growing even faster. Add Biokick to your Filtomatic CWS or other filter system for optimal biological cleaning. Treats 10,000 litres

Oase Biokick CWS Filter Start - from £15.99





Get Your Filter GoingBradshaws Get Your Filter Going

Whenever you clean out your pond filter or buy any new fish for your garden pond you should give the filter a boost by adding Bradshaws' Get Your Filter Going. This is basically beneficial bacteria in a bottle and speeds up the replacement of the bacteria in your filter.


Bradshaws Get Your Filter Going- from £6.49



Interpet Fresh StartInterpet Fresh Start

Interpet Fresh Start has been developed to make tap water safe for your fish. Use in a new pond or when you've topped up an existing pond. It works by eliminating the toxic chlorine in tap water, removes heavy metals in the water and adds a protective coating (Aloe Vera) to help protect your fish from the aggressive effects of tap water.

Interpet Fresh Start - from £7.99


Pond Bio Start CartonPond Bio Start Carton

Pond Bio Start provides bacteria into the pond reducing the time it takes for the filter to mature and for the pond water to become healthy for your fish. To help keep your pond crystal clear, use Bio-start to prime your filtration system and whenever new fish are added


Pond Bio Start Carton- from £9.49