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UK Waterfeatures carry a massive range of fountains, waterfalls, pond lights, misters, and more. Pictured here is the popular AquaSource 5 from the Haddonstone range. Five cascading dishes fall to the self-contained liner below. Illustrated here in Slate finish.

For more details, colour options and pricing information, see the AquaSource5 Waterfeature by clicking here.

For more fountains, waterfalls, garden ornaments, pumps and everything you need for your water garden, why not visit the UK Waterfeatures website by clicking here.



Remember, whatever type of electrical equipment that you use, make sure that all outdoor electric circuits are protected by an RCD. This device will detect electrical leakage and protect you from fatal electric shock if a fault should develop in any of your equipment. If you are not confident in fitting electrical equipment, especially outdoors and around water, get professional help. It is not that expensive and may save a life. For more information, see our pond electrical equipment page.