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Green water Treatments


The dreaded green water can spoil the look of any pond or water feature. There are now various chemicals out there which will help solve green water problems. Some of these are shown below

First off, Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water. Green water in your pond will be a thing of the past with Nishikoi Goodbye Green water. The makers of Goodbye Blanket Weed have introduced this new treatment as the easy way to get rid of green water without the use of chemicals, mess or measuring.

Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water - £14.99 from Bradshaws Direct


llllBradshaws Get Rid Of Green Water Pond treatment is the easy and effective way to safely remove unwanted algae from your pond water, creating a garden pond with clear water.

Bradshaws Get Rid Of Green Water - from £6.49


llllTetra AlgoRem

An environmentally friendly way to control green water in your pond. Algorem makes the algae in the pond clump together into larger pieces which are easily removed by your filter, leaving your pond water clear. Safe for fish and plants.

250ml treats 5000 litres
500ml treats 10000 litres
1000ml treats 20000 litres

TetraPond Algorem - from £7.99


llllBradshaws Get Rid Of Green Water Pouches.

Bradshaws Get Rid Of Green Water - from £14.99



llllInterpet Green Away Pond Treatment

Use Interpet Green Away as a great short-term solution to green water in your garden pond. Quick and easy to use Green Away works by making the suspended green algae particles clump together to form larger, denser particles that will sink to the bottom of your pond.

TetraPond Algorem - from £7.99