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Pond Electrics

Hazard WarningFirst of all, whatever type of electrical equipment that you use, make sure that all of the pond electric circuits are protected by an RCD. This device will detect electrical leakage and protect you from fatal electric shock if a fault should develop in any of your equipment.

If you are not confident in fitting electrical equipment, especially outdoors and around water, get professional help. It is not that expensive and may save a life. For more information, see our koi pond electrical equipment page. Also see footer note at bottom of this page.

Blagdon Powersafe Triple Outlet Switchbox

Blagdon Powersafe Triple Outlet Switchbox

Simple to install and fully weatherproof, this innovative 3-way switch box is designed for safe pond-side and garden electrical connections.

It has at a glance unique power on and power standby indicator lights.

Oasis Weatherproof 3-Way Switch

Oasis Weatherproof 3-Way Switch Box - 1080 Watts

This 3-way switchbox connects up to three outdoor electrical devices, with a hole to accept an input cable.

Supply voltage: 220-240 Vac 50-60Hz. VA per outlet: 1.5 amps 360 watts. VA Total: not to exceed 5 amps 1080 watts. Fitted with one T5 internal fuse.


Blagdon Armoured Supply 5m kit.

The complete garden power supply system, giving you complete peace of mind. Features 5m of rubber wire, plug and socket armoured cable to rubber cable adaptor (x 2), plug and socket adapter bracket (x 2), 50cm of rubber cable, armoured cable buried warning tape, Powersafe Circuit Breaker, 3-pin plug, 15cm wood drill bit, 30cm masonry drill bit, weatherproof sealing putty, plug and socket switchbox, Powersafe triple outlet switchbox and armoured cable.


New legislation regarding electrical installations that came into effect January 2005 (UK):
Please note all electrical work on “Garden lighting and power installations” must comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. Failure to comply is a criminal offence. If a competent electrician who is registered under a Part P self-certification scheme does not carry out the installation of a product that is covered by this legislation then you must notify the local Building Control Department before work begins. For further information and guidance on this matter and other electrical installations in and around your home that might be covered by the relevant legislation, contact your local authority’s Building Control Department.