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Pond Liner Measurement Calculation.

To calculate the amount of liner you need for your koi pond, you need to know the measurements of the pond. Sketch out a plan of how you want the pond to look and calculate the width and length of your pond. The final measurement you will need is the maximum depth of your pond.

How to calculate the pond liner size

Liner length = max length + (2 x max depth) + 1 (for overlap)
Liner width = max width + (2 x max depth) + 1 (for overlap)

So for a pond of 5 by 4 metres, 1 metre deep: -

Pond liner length = 5+2+1 = 8 metres
Pond liner width = 4+2+1 = 7 metres

You'd need a pond liner that is 8 metres x 7 metres.

Incidentally, this pond would hold 20,000 litres (not including filter system)

Now you can go to the pond liner page and select the type of liner you would like.

For more measurement conversions see the measurements and conversions page.