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Choosing a Pond Liner.

butyl linerThere are quite a few different types of pond liners available. Not only do they come in different sizes, but in different colours, grades and thicknesses as well.

We would always recommend a rubber liner if you can afford it and especially if you are fitting bottom drains and skimmers into it.

A butyl liner is recommended for life against the elements, so as long as you don't put a fork through it, or lay it on a sharp stone, once bought, you have it forever. Having said all that, they are not cheap. If you really can't run to butyl, then go for the next best quality you can afford. Here we give you an idea of some of the liners available today.

Consider buying a pondliner larger than you think you might need - it's easy to be over enthusuastic when digging! The liner can always be cut down to size.

Remember of course that the amount of liner you buy must be enough to cover the bottom of the pond, both sides and about a foot overlap all round. So a pond of 3m X 3m which is 1.3m deep, will need a liner of almost 7m X 7m.

To calculate the amount of liner you require, see our liner calculator page.

N.B. Prices where shown are correct at time of writing. P&P will need to be added in most cases.

Butyl Pond Liners

Butyl has been the professional's pond liner choice for years. However it is not cheap. Pondkeeper.co.uk have a huge range of sizes on offer from 3m X 3m up to a staggering 45m X 40m. If you are building a lake, then you may want to know that is something like 147 feet long. Oh and by the way, it will cost you more than £8,800! Of course the 3m X 3m is a bit cheaper!

see the whole range at pondkeeper.co.uk

Greenseal Pond Liners

Greenseal is our recommended rubber as, except in the very large sizes, it offers the same qualities at a more competitive price. Almost two thirds of the price in fact. Pondkeeper.co.uk offer the same range of sizes as butyl, from 3m X 3m up to 45m X 40m. This time, if you are building a lake, go back to the butyl as the largest size will cost you £12,402!

Again, the 3m X 3m is a lot cheaper!

see the whole range at pondkeeper.co.uk

Flexiliner Pond Liners

Pondkeeper.co.uk flexiliners are available in 36 different sizes and are guaranteed for up to 40 years. Starting at 3m X 3m for only £13.41 with a 15 year guarantee, £16.11 with a 25 year guarantee and £20.61 with a 40 year guarantee, all the way up to 34m X 22m.

Flexiliner Pond Liner Material and Construction
Flexiliner pond liners are manufactured out of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). An ultra-tight weave of tough fibres is sandwiched between two layers of rot/UV resistant laminated coating. This means that the pond liners are tough and strong, yet still supple and flexible enough to easily move into position when pond building.

see the whole range at pondkeeper.co.uk

Flexiliner Pond Liner Underlay

Essential to preserve the durability of your liner. pondkeeper.co.uk's pond liners can only be guaranteed when an aquatic underlay is used.

They are available in two grades, basic and best, and in sizes from 1.5m X 3m up to 45m X 40m.

Also, if you buy a 40yr guarantee pond liner from Pondkeeper.co.uk they will give you a half price deal on the underlay.

see the whole range at pondkeeper.co.uk