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Pond Treatments

llllPond treatments are an essential part of the annual maintenance plan. Although there is no substitute for good filtration and fish husbandry, there will come a time when a pond treatment of some description is called for. From stopping green water to getting rid of blanket weed, filter start up bacteria to pH adjusters, plant food to fish treatments, there is help available. Here we bring you the best treatments and equipment and show you where you can get the best deals and prices.

Let's break this down into sections so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

First, the dreaded green water. This is caused by algae and can be erradicated most easily by adding an UVC into the filtration system. There are however chemicals out there which will help solve green water problems. Some of these are now available in easy to apply sachets. Just drop the required amount into your pond and "Goodbye Green Water".

See the Green water treatments here

Green water should not be confused with blanket weed. During late spring and summer it is quite common for ponds to become infested with blanket or flannel weed. This is also a form of Algae and can become a nuisance if not removed. It can be intruduced into the pond on water plants collected from the wild or another pond which has the problem. Once it gets a firm hold, it is hard to get rid of. Some more delicate fish may become easily entangled in it. The best method is to use an "Oasis Easy Weeder" available from Bradshaws, and some of the weed can then be twisted around this and removed. Once you have done this, a product such as Blagdons "Get Rid Of Blanket Weed" pouches can be added. An electronic blanket weed controller can also be installed.

See the Blanket Weed Control page for details.

Sludge Busters

Pond sludge is a build up of debris on the bottom of the pond. Falling leaves, grass cuttings, dead plants and lily leaves, dead algae, they all end up on the bottom of the pond and de-compse. If you have a large koi pond with good filtration and bottom drains, then this probably isn't a problem for you. For the rest of us, there are solutions available.

See the Sludge Control Page for more information.


Duckweed can look quite attractive on a pond's surface when there is just a little of it. It provides much needed shade for the pond's inhabitants and is certainly easy to grow. However, once it takes hold, it takes over and quickly infests the whole pond and can clog up drains and filters, choking out other plants in its wake. Now it can be removed without daily netting using a solution safe to other plants and animal life.

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Filter Start

When you first set up your pond system and add a nice new filter, the water is sparkling and clear and you think that your fish must be healthy in that lovely clean environment. However, the filter system needs a friendly bacteria colony to work properly. Various filter start and water safe chemicals are available on the market. Click here to see what we recommend.


Sadly, however hard we try to get it right, there will come the time when something goes wrong and a fish or the whole pond needs a remedy or treatment. Most causes of fish illness are caused by poor water quality and so do test your water before treatment.

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Water testing.

Most causes of fish illness are caused by poor water quality and so do test your water before treating individual fish.

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