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Garden fish ponds, how to design, build and maintain your pond

There is no doubt that a garden is not complete without a pond, as the sight of water and the trickling of a waterfall or fountain give an added attraction at all times. There is something peaceful and magical about the sound of water especially on a hot day when relaxing on the lawn. A well sited and constructed garden pond can give that extra finish to an ornamental garden that will immediately set it above any ordinary garden which has no pond.

Garden Pond LilyThis web site sets out to introduce you to garden ponds, explain the different types and give you enough knowledge to decide on where and how to build your garden pond.

It will also explain some of the pond equipment available to you and how to incorporate it into your pond design.

Finally, it will talk about the stocking and maintenance of ponds and provide you with links to fish pond and pond supply sites so that you can find everything you need to build and maintain your pond.

To get started on the road to being a garden pond owner, try the following few sections: -


Pond design

Pond building

Pond maintenance