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Sludge Buster (2724)

Interpet Sludge Buster contains biological organisms which actively consume organic sludge taking away some of the hard work of maintaining your pond. Each sachet contains 8.500 million bacteria to help shift the build up of sludge

Sludge Buster (2724) - £9.49 from Bradshaws Direct




llllBradshaws Get Rid Of Sludge Pond treatment is the easy and effective way to safely remove unwanted algae from your pond water, creating a garden pond with clear water.

Bradshaws Get Rid Of Sludge - from £6.49


llllBradshaws Get Rid Of Sludge Tablets

Just drop one of these new easy-dose tablets in your pond and watch it drop right down to the sludge at the bottom. The tablets will reduce bottom sludge and murky water and reduce odors.

One tablet treats 4546 litres or 1000 gallons. You can re dose every 1-2 weeks as needed to keep your water clean and healthy.

6 tablets per pack - treats 27,000 litres or 6000 gallons

Bradshaws Get Rid Of Sludge Tablets - from £14.99