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Water Feature – Wooden Barrel

half barrel water feature

half barrel water feature

How’s this for a project at a bargain price? You won’t find similar quality at a better price than this. UK Water Features have knocked a massive £50 off of the price of this Half Barrel Water Feature. This is just the perfect one-box water feature and for just £69.00. What’s more it is easy to install and makes a very safe, convenient water feature for the smaller garden or maybe in a secluded corner of a large one!

Pond Vacuums

What type of pond vacuum should I buy?
With so many pond vacuums available, it can be a daunting task choosing the best one for you and your pond.

We show you what is available and help you to decide.

There are three main types of pond vacuum available:

Pond Monsta Pond Vacuum
In-pond Vacuums
This type of pond vacuum has an extending handle and a head containing a pump that goes in the water.

A constant flow of dirty water is sucked into the head of the vacuum, through a hose and either down a drain (or if you prefer onto your flower beds as it makes a great fertilizer).

The Pond Monsta, shown above, does have a collection basket available should you rather recycle the water.

Also  available in this type of vacuum is the Hozelock Pond Vac and these two cleaners are probably the most popular vacuums.

They are easy to store, lightweight and so easy to manoeuvre and also the most powerful and economical pond vacuums on the market.

Oase Pondovac 3
Pond-Side Vacuums

These vacuum have a pump unit that sits at the side of the pond, connected to the vacuum head by a hose. Dirt is sucked up through the hose into the pump unit. When the unit is full, the dirt is emptied out via another hose.

The cheapest of these pond-side vacuums is the very popular Oase Pondovac Start. This unit will stop for emptying before you can continue to vacuum.

Alternatively the Pondovac 3 has continuous flow.

Tensor Pond Vacuum
Hose Powered Vacuums

Finally we have the economical hose powered vacuums which simply attach onto your garden hose. Turn the hose on and a low pressure area is created in the head of the vacuum which sucks up debris from the pond.

These cheaper vacuums are only really suitable for ponds of 60cm (2ft) deep or less and have the disadvantage athat they will add tap water to your pond.

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