Whether you are starting out with a new pond or adding plants to an existing pond, every pond should have a water lily. Their spectacular flowers cannot fail to give pleasure right through from May until October.  They come in so many different colours and sizes intended for all types of ponds. Check the depth of your pond and try to buy a water lily which will be happy in that depth.

The water lily has three positives in the pond. Firstly it is a beautiful plant both in leaf and when in flower. There are so many different colours and flowers available. Secondly the roots of the water lily will usually spread well beyond the planting basket and use up some of those nutrients caused by decaying matter and fish waste, which would otherwise help to promote green water and reduce oxygen levels as they decompose. And thirdly, they provide shade and cover for fish, frogs and other wildlife. Lily leaves are great for keeping a little sun off of the water surface which will help to prevent green water.

I usually try to remove any dead leaves or flowers if I can reach them This will help in reducing waste material lying on the bottom. By removing any dead material an elegant display can be maintained all summer long.

If you can’t get to a local supplier then don’t worry. Bradshaws have a good range of water lilies online.